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Free and Easy to integration.
Business Message in any business format.
A connected HUB of Consumer, Retailer, Supplier, Doctor, Hospital, E-commerce.


A new paperless co friendly world.

A Simple, Reliable, Secure business messaging platform to send and receive message in business format. It’s open to integrate with any platform and easy to send and get feedback from Doctor, Patient, Distributor, Retailer, Consumer and so on. It communicates in business format like order, memo, invoice, delivery sheet, money receipt, prescription etc.
The goal of this Business Messaging Api platform is to develop a true paperless business automation process to save cost as well as environment .

▣ Secure business messaging with partners or stack holders.
▣ Single hub of all health services, connect a patient with doctors, diagnostic centers, Pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies.
▣ A Connected hub of retail business, connect a consumer with retailers, suppliers, manufacturers as well as retailer with supplier and manufacturers.
▣ Free and open to integrated with any system with REST Api. The free quota will covers most of business.
▣ Message with receiver’s acknowledgement.
▣ Create new business scope by introducing retailers, home delivery service.
▣ A retailer with home delivery service Enabled, will be found by the nearest customers to place their order by uploading image even with prescription.


InPocket is a mobile based personal management application integrated with XpertMemo to commit withbusiness world like FMCG Company, Pharma Company, Distributor, Retailer, Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy and others business entity.

Live a Smart Lift

▣ Task Management with remainder
▣ Your wallet, your complete financial management
▣ Store Medical histories of you and your family in Rx. Keeper
▣ No more forget password, store all passwords in encrypted Password Keeper
▣ All your important documents in your digital pocket
▣ Don’t miss your special day, Date Keeper will remind you

Connected World

▣ Find and Appoint any Doctor
▣ Easy access to health data like Doctors, Medicines, Hospitals, Diagnostic centers
▣ Find nearest police station, fire service, hospital, ambulance, store & pharmacy
▣ Get all memos from different business like POS, E-com, Hospital & Doctor
▣ Receive special offers and coupons from different companies


A web and Smartphone/tablet based system to make sart and easier of doctor's medical service activities.

▣ Appointment management.
▣ Digitized Prescription.
▣ Preferred medicines on prescribing.
▣ Access to Patient’s previous Prescription history.
▣ Accessible from anywhere from any smart device.


XpertPOS is a web and Smartphone based Point of Sale(POS) System for Retailer, pharmacy or E-commerce to perform following activities:

▣ Inventory Management.
▣ Sales Management.
▣ Small Finance.
▣ Integrated with XpertMemo, easy to add stock from supplier’s sent invoice memo.
▣ Auto sending of POS memos to customers.
▣ No need to store paper memos or invoices, they will always on XpertMemo*.